Kimblewick-Gebiss Cambridge mit Panzerkette 4 ½ „ Price: 50,37 (as of 06/10/2021 19:22 PST- Details)

Cambridge Mouth Kimblewick Bit with Curb Chain 4 Ã ‚Â ½


Kimblewick have a Curb Chain so are stronger than a Snaffle but are still milder than a Pelham; The Cambridge Mouthpiece means your horse has More Room to move their Tongue, RESULTING IN A MORE Relaxed Feeling.; The Curb Chain Applies Pressure On The Horses Chin, giving the Rider More Control; High Quality Stainless Steel Bit, INCLUDES Curb Chain and hooks; Kimblewicks are different to Pelhams as they Lack The Shank